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This site is maintained and was created in early 2006 by Deep Web Technologies, LLC (DWT), a leading provider of federated search technology and solutions for accessing the deep web.

This Open Source Intelligence site provides access to thousands of pages of otherwise difficult to find, authenticated information on everything from the "9-11 Final Report" to "Weapons of Mass Destruction."

DWT will continue to take suggestions on new documents and portals to be added to the cache.

What is Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)?

Open Source Intelligence is information collected from multiple publicly available, but often obscure sources, that is then verified or checked for accuracy, authenticity and validity to create usable intelligence. Sources for open source intelligence can include experts on any subject, in any language.

In addition to common, public search portals, the information collected to create a final open source intelligence product is retrieved from, and aggregated with, other information in the "deep web." The deep web is the other 94% of the world's electronically-stored data and documents that is not accessible via popular search engines (i.e. Google) such as premium online services (including limited edition publications that offer dissertations and local directories from around the world); corporate Intranets and depositories; specialized market research, private investigations, and other information broker services; and geo-spatial information services including commercial imagery from around the globe.

This site is provided as a public service and there is no charge for accessing its data.

"We felt a responsibility to the public to make this information as 'open' as possible by also making it 'free,'" said Abe Lederman, CEO, CTO of Deep Web Technologies, LLC. "The material is not ours; it belongs to all of mankind; and particularly people who will use this information to help ensure the security of peaceful nations and entities."

"After a career as a spy," he said, "including a stint in the Office of Information Technology, I have spent eighteen years examining source, software, and service solutions in the "Open" world. In all that time, I have found Deep Web Technologies' solutions come closest to a proper integration of efficient and effective federated search, full use of distributed processing power, and an understanding of cultural nuances that require distinct search strategies. Together with SILOBREAKER, Google Enterprise, CISCO's Application Oriented Network, and IBM's new sense-making technology, I consider Deep Web Technologies to be a "core" capability that will serve us well in the coming decade."

--- Robert D. Steele, one of the foremost leaders in the movement promoting open source intelligence